Affichage des articles du octobre, 2021

Irene & Monique went to the Mountain

  That day, Irene & Monique went to the Mountain. It wasn’t an ordinary Mountain. It was a prominent hill located at the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. On that hill was built more than a hundred years ago, a white lighthouse commonly called Phare des Mamelles... Phare is the Lighthouse and Mamelles stands for a pair of prominent hills in Ouakam, a suburban district of Dakar, 9 km northwest of Senegal's capital on the Cabe verde peninsula.  You can access the Lighthouse by car (transportation service available). You can also take a walk to the hill.  For more than a hundred years, the Lighthouse has been lit to guide ships to the port of Dakar.  It is inhabited by a master lighthouse and three keepers who watch over the location and welcome inquisitive visitors of a unique point of view over the Senegalese capital. If the height of the lighthouse is modest, its elevation, that is to say the level of fire above that of the sea, is more than 100m. Its construction marks a turning po