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Dak'Art 2018: Tribute to Wangari Maathai

On the occasion of the 13th Biennale of Contemporay art dubbed Dak'Art 2018, 04 Experimentalists members of Osmose-Culture's project named Scènes Expérimentales and 1 Guest Experimentalist decided to pay tribute to Wangari Maathai (1940–2011).
Wangari Maathai was a scholar, and an environmental and Human Rights Activist. In 1977, she founded the Green Belt Movement, a Non-Governmental Organization, which encourages women to plant trees to combat deforestation and environmental degradation. 
To date, the Green Belt Movement has planted over 50 million trees. In the face of regular opposition, she succeeded in deepening and expanding her engagement with local communities through an impressive network of regional and international alliances, which made the Green Belt Movement a model women’s organization. 
Increasingly aware that the environment was directly linked to issues of governance, peace and human rights, Maathai began to use her organization as a springboard in the struggle against abuses of power, such as land-grabbing or the illegal detention of political opponents. 
She was eventually elected as a Member of Parliament upon Kenya’s effective return to multiparty democracy in 2002, also serving as Assistant Minister in the Ministry for Environmental and Natural Resources.
In 2004, she was the first African woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Here are the works of:
- Irène Gaouda
- Manfaust
- Keedi Hervey
- Delphin Néo
- Aby Diallo (Guest)

Presented at Dakar's Music School (EHA), opposite IAM Mermoz, in Senegal, with the effective contributions of:
- Ibrahima Thiam
- Audric Monteiro and the
- Collectif Arc-en-ciel Slam

Exhibition runs up to the 02 June 2018.
Click on Pictures below to view Album

Diversity. Installation by Irene Gaouda with additionnal art by Aby Diallo

Photography (Keedi Hervey)

Life cycle- Installation (IG)

Life Cycle- Installation (IG)

Life Cycle- Installation (IG)

Life Cycle- Installation (IG)

Life Cycle- Installation

Life Cycle- Installation

The guilty hand, by IG.

Life cycle- Installation

Life Cycle- Installation

Life Cycle- Installation

Life Cycle- Installation

Manfaust Explaining know-how

Famous saxophonist Alain Oyono, grabbing a pic of Manfaust's work

Manfaust explaining know-how

Delphin Neo, President of Osmose, to stress the need to work on the ecological size of african art

Komol Sipora, expresses feelings during exhibition tour

More explanations...





Arc-en-ciel Slam...

Cuties appreciations IG's framed work

Why we believe nature must be preserved from wood hunters...

Marie-Pierre....attentive to the artists messages

Aby Diallo and Delphin Neo, in close discussion

Irene & Sipora...

Arc-en-ciel's message to mother nature

More of Arc-en-ciel's slam

We must not destroy this nature's gift !

Marie-Pierre, Irene and Diamant the Poet

Nice and Diverse

All is good...

That ends well...

Pictures provided by Abdoulaye LY

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