Africa: sea, sun, sand…

There are lots of beautiful places accross the continent. You just need to have the right information and get connected. Last Saturday, we went to one of those multiple beaches bordering Senegal. 

Located around 55 km south of the capital, Toubab Dialo (also spelt Toubab Dialaw) makes for a convinient getaway when dakarois needs a break from the big city. The beach is the star, a pretty stretch of golden sands backed by low cliffs strung with homes and a few guesthouses. The low-key village has an arty bohemian vibe, with colourfully decorated houses and nights of  drumming, dancing and theatre. With classes and activities on offer at one of the coast's most imaginatively designed guesthouses and cultural spaces, it's easy to spend more time here than anticipated enjoying the creative life....

Photos Gallery by I.G
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