Aissatou Ndeye Aida Diop

Aïssatou Diop, aka ANAD, graduated in Heritage and Cultural Institutions Management. Since 2014, she has been contributing to the setting up of various exhibition and cultural event projects in Dakar and Saint Louis (Entre’vues, Research and Documentation Centre of Senegal, Henriette Bathily Museum of Women, Blaise Senghor Cultural Centre). She held the position of heritage manager at the Henriette Bathily Museum of Women, where also served as Youth Officer. After having worked for cultural companies, events and associations, she was hired as cultural mediator of the International exhibition at the 12th Dak’art Contemporary African Art Biennial in 2016. With a good awareness of the Senegalese arts scene, to which she’s highly committed, ANAD is the co-founder of Yàolàn, a cultural engineering and mediation firm in Dakar.
Aissatou Ndeye Aida Diop is Raw Academy 2016's Alumuni.


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