rène Gaouda Lyoum

Born on the banks of the Logone River (far north of Cameroon), Irene Gaouda spent her childhood between Kumba Town and Ekondo-Titi, a small community lost in the heart of the Equatorial mangrove, not far from the Bakassi Peninsula, in the South-West region. 
The passing of time did not succeed in cutting the umbilical cord which connects her to this nature so dear, and now a source of inspiration. In 2013, she presented a collective exhibition in Yaounde with Osmose culture entitled: “In Toumai’s footsteps”. Currently at the Center for Information Science and Technology Studies (CESTI) of Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD), I.G., as she is affectionately referred to, has not eliminated her pen. 
She shares her passion for art and African culture across several media platforms. In 2016, the author of “La chèvre de ma grand-mère” (“My grand-mother’s goat”) started publishing a blog dedicated to her passion.
Irène Gaouda is Raw Academy 2016's Alumuni.


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