Frida Robles Ponce

Frida Robles is a text-based artist currently living in Mexico City. In her working practice she looks for spaces to place ideas and then, letting ideas be affected by places. She is particularly interested on how poetry can reside outside the page, with the understanding that poetry can be a powerful means of social and personal conscience.Her interest is frequently related to notions of memory and self-construction narratives. Some of her reflections on these matters have been expressed in her creative essays. 
Recently she finished her first book entitled "All love letters are ghost stories", project supported by the Young Creators FONCA scholarship. Open to collaboration, her art focuses on finding new artistic research practices and participatory strategies. Robles explores the idea of street-based art as a means to keep art alive, real. 
She holds a bachelor degree in History from the Iberoamericana University (Mexico City) and a master's degree from the University of Applied Arts (Vienna). Member of the artist collective Blind Date Collaboration and the urban lab [applied] foreign affairs.
Frida Robles Ponce is Raw Academy 2016's Alumuni.


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