Narcis Diaz Pujol

Narcis Diaz was born in Figueres (Spain) in 1986. He studied Fine Arts between 2004 and 09 in Barcelona and one year as an exchange student in the Kungl. Konsthogskolan in Stockholm. 
On 2008 he start exhibiting his artworks in galleries and art centers. His work was focused mainly on postmodern painting: syncretic large canvases. 
At that time he became engaged with social and political activism. First with the students protests against the Bologna Process, later the 15M, and afterwards with some anti-racist and anti-fascism collectives. He also began to be interested in critical theory due to the work of Paul B. Preciado as a director of PEI of MACBA. 
He gave up making art for four years, but in 2014 he go back to art production. In 2015 he studied marxist theory with Raimundo Viejo. The last year he has been working with Berto Martinez on a project about the representation of the Atlantic colonization, and with David Bonet on a project about the representation of the evil in Europe. 
He has also has worked as an art professor in a high school.  Narcis Diaz Pujol Raw Academy 2016's Alumuni.


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